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Tiny Habits for Meditation and Mindfulness

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Many have the knowledge, skills and means, yet still find it hard to sustain a daily meditation practice. There can be an inner longing for it, and to know one's health that would benefit, but it it still can be a challenge.

It is possible to sustain a meditation practice that is founded on a sense of inner connection, and is not dependent on additional tools, apps or additional resources ... with Tiny Habits®

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A lifetime of


The inner relationship with meditation is something we can cultivate that is not dependent on performance, motivation or perfection. This is a good place to begin. What is it we actually want?

You have all the time
You need.


At different times in our lives, we may have varying degrees of personal time for practice. This means, even if we need 40 minutes, realistically we only have 20 or even just one. These are things that we can expect to change over the course of a lifetime. They don't have to get in the way of meditation practice.




There are often expectations that meditation should feel a particular way. In reality, difference phases of our lives will support different needs and forms of practice. and different days or hours will yield different types of experiences. They also don't have to get in the way of meditation practice.

Wherever you are is the place to start. Every moment is an opportunity to begin again. ​​

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