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As many of you reading this may know, I teach MBSR and a lot of my life is oriented around my professional role as a mindfulness teacher. I’ve been using the newsletter to connect with people who are on my stress reduction programs mailing list, and more recently Facebook for my local MBSR Alumni group… And now Insight Timer for another meditation group. So… I have lots to share and have become aware there are readers and community who either don’t use Facebook or Insight Timer and even more who are overwhelmed by emails! So, it seems like a blog is an ideal way to share. Additionally, it can be both more personal and, at times, more general – and for those interested the blog can serve as a window into my world beyond MBSR and mindfulness practice. Our online/app/tech resources for connecting and learning are tremendous. It’s so nice to benefit from the tech things that sometimes consume our attention in less meaningful ways. From time to time I’ll also be on Twitter and on Instagram, to see what it feels like to interact there. Some of this is new to me but it is my hope that this will also serve as a way to connect in a way that is more personal.

Like most people, my life extends beyond my work as a mindfulness teacher and educator and some of these interests will likely infuse my blog posts from time to time. For example, I have a passion for plant-based nutrition and vegan recipes. My own blog writing is inspired by some of my favorite food blogs, like, as well as I’m also interested in art, music, writing, travel, water and gardens, among other things. I may touch on these things here, as the inspiration strikes me. (If you have favorite blogs that inspire your, health, wellness and creativity – post them in the comments.) I will try to post regularly. Since I’m new to the blog world, we’ll see how this flows! Thank you for reading.

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