Coaching by Denise Dempsey

With the support of a coach trained in behavior design who has 20 years of experience working with mindfulness education, these sessions support you to address chosen objectives like help with anxiety, sleep, healthy eating, communication, relationships, developing health habits, or working in a high stress profession - and/or general mindfulness and meditation training.


1-hour sessions, $70 Pay

From Denise: "I combine working with mindfulness and behavior design so that people can clarify their goals and then move toward them with greater mindfulness - which means things like connection with one's self, goals, aspirations, needs, priorities and other things - within whatever given context these reside. I incorporate a short mindfulness meditation. If people would like to integrate more meditation or mindfulness practice, we can also build that into the sessions and home practice with a personalized meditation recording.


After establishing goals and objectives, we set up a identified number of sessions so that people can make space in their lives for it in an intentional way and I designate time in my calendar that is just for you. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, email me. Even one session can be valuable if you are trying to clarify your direction and intention." - Denise

5-Week Personalized MBSR

Five 1.25 hr sessions and class materials, $437.50 Pay 

With dates selected in advance and the option of attending the day-long retreat. We would be covering the same material as in the MBSR class. Each session would be one hour 15 minutes. This is a different kind of experience as MBSR without the group discussion component but there are advantages in other ways related to having the personal attention and flexibility of scheduling

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Sutter Davis: Mindfulness for Anxiety Monthly Drop In Group

For Sutter Davis patients and staff. No provider referral required. In 2020, the first Thursday of every month, 11-12 starting Jan. 2.

This 1-hour drop-in group meets monthly to offer tools and strategies for reducing symptoms of anxiety using mindfulness techniques. This is an evidence-based method that has proven life-changing for many who have sought new ways to manage symptoms of anxiety.

  • Learn simple methods to address experiences like fears, impulses and judgments.

  • Free yourself from habitual patterns that can keep you stuck in cycles of anxiety.

  • Learn short and simple mindfulness meditations that you can do on your own.

When: In 2020: first Thursday of the month (first one is Jan. 2nd)

Time: 11:00-12:00 p.m.

Location: 2030 Sutter Place, Suite 2000, Davis, CA, Conference Room 2022 (to the right when facing stairs and elevator)

Cost: None

For Who: Due to the space we have for this group it is currently limited to Sutter Davis patients.

2020 Tiny Habits® For Stress Reduction, Meditation and Wellbeing 

It's a myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit or requires a high level of motivation and self-discipline, among other myths. You can learn a new habit in as little as 5 days. Whether applied to meditation, fitness, stress reduction, work habits, and more, this class builds on mindfulness and amounts to a revolutionary system. We'll draw on the newest and most successful behavior model for habit foundation called the Fogg Method or Tiny Habits®. This evidence-based technique ultimately leads people to a new a way of life, one that supports wellbeing on every level. (Denise Dempsey is a licensed Tiny Habits coach and coaches for the Tiny Habits Academy.)

We will draw on:

  • Evidence-based techniques and principles from the Tiny Habits protocol, a revolutionary behavior model by Stanford behavior scientist BJ Fogg (who's book will come out in Jan.) 

  • Neuroscience related to habit formation and brain health

  • Experiential activities in class and at home

  • Workbookarticles and handouts

Dates and Time: Next class planned for Summer 2020 but there's a chance we'll have another one sooner. Stay tuned.

Location: TBA

2020 FLYER     

Cancellation policy


*Cancellation Policy:

  • No charge if cancelled before first class.

  • Unless there is an emergency situation, no refunds will be issued after the end of the first class day.

  • If there are concerns or special circumstances, contact Denise Dempsey, M.Ed.

  • 530-500-2256  denise@stressreductionprograms.com

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