Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

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Applied Mindfulness Course

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 Meditation Assignment: 

  • Meditate daily (1 min. or 5 min.) with a recording provided on this webpage. Text your course buddy when you complete the daily meditation practice; describe what you did. Alternately, write how you were mindful in daily life. Just one sentence is encouraged.

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MBSR Class Testimonials


2007 Stats: MSCL forms: pre-total: 347; post-total: 127


Feedback from past participants:


“This class was exactly what I needed at a very stressful time in my life. I hope to continue practicing what I have learned and expanding my knowledge as time goes by.”


“Through mindfulness I have learned how I give myself so completely to others to the point that there is very little left for me. I can now take myself back.”


“I now have greater control over how I react to difficult and challenging situations. I notice a difference in my energy level, probably because I’m not reacting so much.”


“I learned how focusing on breathing can help organize my mind and even brief moments of meditation throughout the day can have a long-lasting impact. I have less heartburn, much less stomach trouble.”


“I was surprised by the impact of meditation on different aspects of my life and work. I was surprised about that.”


“Great class. Will recommend to friends.”


“By practicing I can reduce my stress level and improve interactions with family members/co-workers. I also developed awareness of what I eat and it motivated me to exercise more.”


“I am drinking less, taking time to meditate/making time, breathing deeper more often.”


“I have caught myself now being judgmental or disengage and breath and ask myself if that’s what I want.”


“Chronic pain does not always have to control me.”


“I learned that it’s normal for my brain to jump around. I can now “note” thoughts/worries but not get stuck in the story.”


tress at work more constructively and was able to sleep.”


“The retreat was the most useful. I really understood mindfulness after a whole day of practicing.”


“The retreat was the best! After 6 hours of being mindful I finally “got it.”




Please comment on the course instructor, Denise Dempsey:


“Communicating the rather abstract concepts and theories behind meditation and MBSR must be challenging and I’m not sure anyone could do it more effectively than Denise.”


“Denise is an excellent example of living mindfully. The recordings she provided help to provide guidance and structure to a daily practice. Her lovely and thoughtful poems add a depth to the overall concept and experience. I could go on and on about how much her knowledge and skill set adds. I’m glad to have been a student of hers and look forward to continuing with the recordings and who knows what else is in store.”


“Denise is a wonderful instructor! She is supportive and motivating without making you feel pressured or guilty. I really enjoy her teaching style which lets us generate our own insights and points us in the right direction but gives us the freedom to have a unique and personal experience.”


“Excellent. Good responsiveness to questions and comments by group members. Easy flow of lecture to activities to discussion. Good voice, pacing and comments on accompanying tapes.”


“She is an awesome instructor! Not only was the material helpful, but her soothing voice and personality helps with the stress reduction.”


“Having read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s books and done his meditations, Denise emulates his style and program closely and is an excellent instructor overall.”


“Denise is wonderful. Her mentorship and understanding made this class successful!”


“Denise rocks!”


“Denise was a masterful teacher!”


“Denise was a great communicator and fostered good discussions within the group.”


“She was great. Very present and calm. She is very successful and mature. She really believes in the program and gives strength to the participants.”


“Very knowledgeable; gentle; patient; kind. Very good at imparting critical concepts.”


“Her calm even presence really set the tone for the course positively.”


“The most intensely calm person I have ever met.”


“Excellent. Very well-informed and equipped for teaching this class. Thank you. I would recommend it to anyone”


“Excellent – adept, knowledgeable and calming.”


“Her compassion and interest enhanced the group experience.”


“For years I have tried to learn meditation on my own. I have learned the power of a group and leader in making progress!”


“I think Denise was a really solid and competent instructor. She knows her stuff and is able to communicate and teach well.”


“Denise was great and had a wonderful demeanor. I appreciated her efforts to get to know each of us and our names, right from the start. Always very knowledgeable. Experience was evident. Great feedback and response to our group comments.”


“I believe she clearly understood each person’s goals. Addressed each issue thoroughly.”


“Really, I couldn’t imagine a better person to have followed on this journey.”


“Denise is sensitive, feeling, positive, understanding, caring.”


“I learned that through some of these techniques I can control the chatter in my mind.”




Negative & Positive in same course (3/27/12)


“I was craving more enthusiasm for most of the course. I felt at times Denise wasn’t inspired by the practices or maybe wasn’t conveying if she was.”


“I didn’t feel at ease or she was approachable – also didn’t feel she was at ease. Didn’t feel she was excited to be doing the class and had difficulty helping the group be engaged. I felt connected when she told personal stories.”


“Her demeanor is perfect. Calming and reassuring.”


“I found being in Denise’s company calming. I enjoyed doing the guided meditations with Denise. She was kind and taught us some real skills.”


“Perfect instructor for this course. Nice to see someone enjoying their work and sharing their knowledge and skills.” 

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